Heaven’s Company

At this point, I’m just trying to get by with this country tune for the Songwriter’s Association of Canada, knowing the deadline looms large. The pitch goes as follows:

Write an EDGY Country Pop Song Target:  Male artist, early 20s. No mention of marriage or kids.  No references to “partying at the lake”, “trucks and tailgates” and no “bro country” vibe. Method:  If you have been collaborating for the previous 3 challenges, change it up and write this one by yourself.  If you have been writing alone for the most of the past 3 challenges, write this one with a co-writer or two. Tempo:  Stretch yourself by writing opposite of your comfort zone.  If you usually stay with up-tempo tracks – chill out and write a ballad.  If you usually write ballads, set the tempo for at least 120 on this one.

Back on day one of seven, I was really more concerned about my gig and getting everyone to the show unscathed than writing a song. By day three I was back in the game. I realized that based on the instructions, I should do this alone and should write something fast paced. I try this. I don’t get very far. I even try to cheat and take something I already wrote but it still doesn’t fit the guidelines (should I have said I am a cheater?)

Day four (or maybe it was five), I chat with Robert Campbell some and show him what I have come up with – a bunch of shoddy lyrics and some basic guitar chords. He takes it and changes all the chords to something more fancy befitting a real musician.

I forgot to mention, it is March Break over here. I have small people needing my undivided attention, activities must be planned, other children must be invited over, and somehow I need to write a song with nothing but noise and demands as my muse. I am grumpy (why did I get into this writing-on-demand thing? It is just another form of torture). I need some space. Space does not exist. I am reminded of Lynette from Desperate Housewives’ words: “I feel so very lonely and yet I am NEVER alone!”

Back to song writing – we are on day seven. As usual, I am under the gun. I am skyping with Robert…. A lot. He has set up a fabulous guitar player, Kris Richards, to play the track. We make some final adjustments (Robert does, really. The song no longer remotely resembles my gimp guitar chord structure). I wait and cross my fingers that the track will appear to me as a piece of magic and Cinderella will go to the ball, singing a happy tune.

It is 7:30pm. Cinderella is NOT going to the ball in THAT dress. We scrap everything because Kris is in a session and can’t record the guitar. We start new with something we can use with a piano (pick up kids from ballet. Get them into bed). It is VERY last minute and I am tired. I like to sleep. Robert doesn’t appear to sleep EVER. I want to give up but I’m not a quitter. Or so I think.

It is 11:45pm. No track. Some Lyrics. How about a blog with the lyrics and  a late music submission?

A day late but here it is….Heaven’s Company


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